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Problem of the Week (POW)

June 6th

Joe could not rememeber his scores from five mathematics tests. He did remember that the mean was exactly 80, the median was 81 and the mode was 88. If all his scores were integers with 100 the highest score possible and 0 the lowest score possible, what was the lowest score he could have received on any one test?


Math Battle #3 is on 6/6.....


Algebra Regents TOP 50 - (answer Key)

- Wear Shirts for Regents

- Regents Review Test corrections due by June 6th

Math Regents JUNE 3rd

NEED: pencils, pens, ruler and calcualator


Check out the Regents review page

- Castle learning login:

username: pes.firstname.lastname

- POW due by Friday

- Test Correction Sheet

- Downloadable Graph Paper

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